Welcome to the home of Piper 3D Printers.

Piper 1 3D printer is highly scalable, self-replicating 3D printer.

It may have a bed size as small as 100×100 mm and as large as 500x500mm.
Its linear motion system is built on cheap 1/2 inch conduit pipes, which cost 3$ 10ft in the US. So if you want to expand your printer’s bed – spend 3$ more and cut new sizes (do not forget that you will need new belts as well).

Matt’s 500 mm^3 printer build process:

Printers frame is light and rigid at the same time, so you will not be heavy lifting aluminum extrusions or will not be scared to move flimsy acrylic counterparts.

Our first printer had already printed close to 30 spools of the filament and still printing.

If you (or your friend) already have a 3D printer you may download and print all necessary parts from Thingiverse, if you do not have a printer yet you may visit our eBay store for printed parts.

If you like my work you may donate me at https://www.paypal.me/Piper3d.


Piper printers at ERRF 2018

Inaugural carnival of the ERRF. I have presented 2.5 printers there: Piper 1 v1, half of Piper 1 v2, and Piper 2. And my photo report from the ERRF 2018: