Upgrade Path

Upgrade to ACME screws

You may start upgrading you Piper 3d printer by installing ACME screws instead of 5/16 rods.

Upgrade to heated bed.

To upgrade to heated bed you may have several options. Those options depend on the size of the bed.

Bed sizeHeating element wattageHeat bed voltageExample of partsNotes
200mm x 200mm200+ W12 V is sufficientHeated bed

you need a separate SSR as Ramps 1.4 does not provide enough current
200mm x 300mm300+ WYou may need a separate PSU or move to 24V PSU may require changes to Ramps 1.4 board
300mm x 300mm450+ WYou need 110V(220V) heat panel, SSR DC to AC 25A and be very careful as moving pate will have wires with high voltage.This is not recommended configuration since wires with high voltage will be constantly bended by moving bed, failure in wires may cause electrical shock.