Piper 2 version 2 – Enclosed 3d printer

BOM    Assembly   Customize Enclosure    Belt Tension   Z Sliders

Version 2 of Piper2 3d Printer is expanding idea of EMT conduit 3d printer to the next level and encloses printing volume. This will/should allow printing of ABS and PC plastics in addition to PLA, PETG, and TPU in version 1.

Printable files may be found at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3294998 

There are 2 configurations of version 2:

  • Classic with a removable enclosure if you want to build Piper 2 and add enclosure later. Check page with Classic Build.
  • Enclosed with enclosure playing a major role and keeping printer’s rigidity.

Those version defer from each other by use of different pipes length, but use same components.

Version 2 is adding few new design solutions to the Piper 2 some of those solutions are backward compatible with version 1 and may be used in previous release.

  • New belt tensioning solution
  • Z motor’s mounts are finally using  joint brackets
  • Version 2 is moving from ball bearings used on Z rollers to printed Z sliders which are PTFE bushings based on 4mm PTFE tubing. Use of Z sliders allow better precission and have subtracted “whole” 30mm from X outer dimension of the printer.
  • Version 2 is also taller compared to version 1 to allow clearence for bowden tube.
  • And of course enclosure support