Piper 4 or Piper Infinity version 1

This initial release of the Piper Infinity 3d printer.

Piper Infinity is theInfinite Z” 3d printer, which utilizes belted bed (infinite Z) and angled coreXY gantry. It uses the same gantry as Piper 2 3d printer, its reliability is checked by time (the very first Piper 2 is more than 1 year old already).

Majority of Piper Infinity’s parts are 3d printed what is simplifying production process. Files may be downloaded from Thingiverse.

Some features of Piper Infinity may deserve a separate patent application, but we have decided to grant those ideas into the open source community:
– Angled extruder which allows the use of E3D V6 extruder out of the box on Infinite Z 3d printers (made public on May 23, 2019)
– The magnetic belt, which stops printing parts rocking and simplifies belt design (made public on June 18, 2019).