What You Will Need (BOM)

All pipe sizes for Enclosed configuration of version 2 are based on linear rods 350mm in length. 

Pipe locationPipe size for 350mm guiding rodsQuantity
All frame pipes along X483mm (UK version +2mm)
All frame pipes along Y511mm4
All frame pipes along Z525mm6
Gantry idlers side381mm1
Gantry motors side413mm1
Gantry along Y axis409mm4

Other Items

Part DescriptionNumber of partsPart Example
8mm linear motion rods4
linear motion bushings (bearings) for 8mm rods8Example
Nema 17 motors6Nemas example
Lead screw couplers4Example
8mm Lead Screw 450mm+4Example with nuts
Lead screw nuts4
GT2 6mm Belt5 metersBelt Example
GT2 idlers 3mm bore toothless2Example
GT2 idlers 3mm bore with teeth 20 teeth6Example
GT2 Motor pulleys 20 teeth2Example
Zip ties8+
For Extruder E3D V6 J-Head1 or 2 depending if you want single or dual extruderExample of hot end
12V/24V 40mm fan1Fan example
3D printer control board1Board I am using
Or SKR 1.31New 32 bit board
DRV8825 stepper drivers4 or 5 depending if you making single or dual extruder versionStepper drivers
12V 30A or 24V 15A PSU112V PSU
To be continued ….