Piper Infinity Bill of Materials

This page is still work in progress …

Pipe sizes for 250 x 176 x infinity. Those are 1/2 inch EMT conduit pipes. (17.8mm OD and 14.5mm ID)

Pipe NamePipe lengthNumber of pipes
Idlers side381mm1
Motor Side413mm1
Y lower465mm2
Y higher409mm2
Gantry support491mm2
Cross front433mm1
Cross back and middle479mm2
Tensioners 1/2 inch EMT conduit252mm2
Rollers 1 1/4 inch EMT conduit252mm2

Other Parts

Part nameNumber of itemsExample
Nema 17 1.5-1.7A motors2+1 for extruderNemas example
Nema 17 Geared 27:1 ratio or 5:1 ratio motors1Nemas example
Linear motion rods 8mm 350mm4
Threaded rods 5/16 or M8 300mm3
Threaded rods 5/16 or M8 268mm1
1/2 inch MDF plate for bed base at least 1'x3' (300mm
x 900mm)
6mm aluminum or 3mm steel bed plate (steel for magnetic bed) 275mm x 300mm or 275mm x 400mm1
608 ball bearings7
6mm GT2 belt 5mBelt Example
Printer's control board SKR 1.3 or similar1Board example
GT2 idlers 3mm bore toothless2Example
GT2 idlers 3mm bore with teeth 20 teeth6Example
GT2 Motor pulleys 20 teeth2Example
For Extruder E3D V6 J-Head1Example of hot end
12V/24V 40mm fan1Fan example
DRV8825 stepper drivers4Stepper drivers
12V 30A or 24V 15A PSU112V PSU
A can of Plsti dip to paint Z motors roller to increase grip with the belt 1 or borrow it as a small amount is necessaryPlasti dip
For Stainless steel Belt Shim Stock 0.002''12''x5'https://www.mcmaster.com/9506k32
For Polyester belt - 0.005'' (5 mil) polyester filmhttps://www.mcmaster.com/7538t12
For magnetic underlining https://www.mcmaster.com/5756k51